A little bit about us

Benny & Charlie

Lisa - Owner

What draws a successful corporate supply chain analyst to start a Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and House-Sitting business in Arizona?  Benny.

Lisa and Benny have a story to tell. 

Lisa spent 15 years grinding it out as an analyst in corporate america. Her skills were appreciated by the major healthcare organizations, but over time she knew she needed a change.

Lisa’s family grew entrepreneurial roots over the years, so she knew it was possible to cultivate something of her own.

But what about Benny?

While Lisa was off working the weekday grind, Benny (her beloved rescue dog) was left home alone to wait.  It was Lisa’s biggest frustration with her corporate job, but Benny was left at home, heartbroken. 

An animal lover her whole life, she knew from a young age that she was meant to work with animals. So, it didn't take long for Lisa to discover her true calling and start her own business helping pets and their owners in similar situations to Benny.

Originally from the north east, Lisa and her husband Tony exchanged the cold for sunshine.  When she is not caring for her clients’ pets, she is spending time with Benny & Charlie, running, HIIT workouts, barre, gardening and baking.  Lisa is First Aid/Pet CPR Certified and a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.


Tony - Pet Sitter, Dog Walker

Having co-owned and managed a non-profit rescue organization for many years, Tony has extensive experience working with many different types of dogs.  Clients have mentioned that Tony has a special bond with all animals he comes in contact with. Tony is passionate about the dogs well being and always makes sure his walking buddy is enjoying the adventure!  Tony works part time helping Lisa out during busy times of the year.  For Tony, the best part of the job is helping animals out when their owners are away or busy.  It gives Tony a great deal of satisfaction knowing they're safe and happy in his care.


Liz- Pet Sitter, Dog Walker

Life long animal lover, Liz is a proud 40 year desert dweller, grandmother and occasional nanny of 6 wonderful grandchildren.

Being semi-retired, in her prior life, Liz was a former multiple business owner. The best part of Liz’s job is seeing the look on their little faces when they greet her at the door. Liz goes above and beyond for each animal she cares for in the Desert Tails family. 

Liz enjoys working with Desert Tails and Lisa because she knows (first hand) the quality of care and love Desert Tails Pet Services provides. Lisa cares for Liz’s fur babies when she is out of town. Liz knows how passionate and loving Lisa is and is excited to bring the same enthusiasm to the Desert Tails family!

Liz loves the close knit community and is proud to call Cave Creek her home.  Liz resides in Cave Creek with her husband and two fur babies Hank and Mocha.